Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whats in Your Moleskin?

After travelling the world, and going into every stationary store I ever walked past, I have to say, the Moleskin is STILL my favourite diary/sketchbook. I bought one 2 and a half years ago when I left Australia, and it is now coming to its last and final pages. I actually have 3 on the go, but my one with my robot sticker on the front is my favourite.

Over the next 10 days, I am going to do a series on The Moleskin Diaries. I am going to show you whats in mine, and feel free to send me a picture of whats in yours! I will put yours up on the blog, and hopefully get some inspiration going!

So here is Day One:

These were some little characters I drew for a Childrens book that I was illustrating for a client in Dublin.

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